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worcester approved gas engineer in warrington installing sedbuk A rated boilersWelcome to Approved Heating, Plumbing & Maintenance, trusted and well established gas engineer Warrington approved by both Which Trusted Traders and Check a Trade, where reputation matters! we specialise in a wide range of plumbing and heating services from dripping taps and leaky faucets to boiler installations and renewable energy. Our team are fully gas safe registered wit years of industry experience behind them. We are second to none in Warrington when it comes to plumbing and heating services and are proud of our reputation and standing within our industry locally, we offer free advice by phone and email, free quotations and estimates and a high quality, competitvely priced service with no compromise on service or delivery.

Not only are we fully qualified and gas safe registered, we also carry years of industry experience to ensure that our work meets the high standards our customers expect when contracting a central heating engineer. We are a leading, fully independent gas engineer in Warrington specialising in the servicing, maintenance and repair of domestic gas appliances. Learn more about our range of services or contact our team today. We cover your area!


always use a gas safe registered engineer in warrington to service, repair or install your gas appliances
Power Flushing in Warrington

Need a trusted, qualified engineer to undertake Power Flushing? We’re Gas Safe registered and all of our personnel are properly accredited, knowledgeable engineers and plumbers with an impeccable reputation locally. We’ve been trading for over 10 years and in that time, have power flushed over 500 central heating systems! We offer free, honest advice, free quotes and competitive pricing for system flushing services and we cover all areas in Warrington and further afield.

Power Flush Your System For:

  • Reliability – clean systems are considerably less likely to break-down as a result of internal damage
  • Life expectancy – the complete system lasts considerably longer with adequate inhibitor levels
  • Financial benefits – you’ll spend less on malfunctions and repairs in the long-term


Energy Saving Tip

Should I leave the heating on low all day even when I’m out, or turn it up only when I need it?

According to leading energy experts at the Energy Saving Trust, as well as British Gas, the idea that it’s cheaper to leave the heating on low all day is a myth. They’re clear that you’ll save energy, and therefore money, by only having the heating on when it’s required. (Using a timer’s best, because your thermostat is designed to turn your heating on and off to keep your home at the temperature you set it.)

The key thing to understand here is that it’s all about the total amount of energy required to heat your home.

It’s a given that a certain amount of energy is constantly leaking out of your home (though exactly how much will depend on how good your insulation is). So the Energy Saving Trust says if you’re keeping the heating on all day you’re losing energy all day – and therefore it’s better to heat your home only when you need it.

Boiler Installation in Warrington

Replacing an old boiler will help save money on your energy bills. Modern appliances are more efficient, avoiding the common issue of heat loss from older boilers. Our on call gas engineer Warrington can help you select a boiler that is suited to your house and usage. Here are a few factors you should look at when choosing a new boiler:

  • What type of heating system do you have now
  • What amount of water do you use
  • Do you need to benefit from renewable energy
  • How big is your property

Boiler Guarantees

Condensing boilers or combination boilers always include a manufacturers guarantee giving you plenty of boiler breakdown cover. This is normally between 1 year and 7 years determined by the preferred boiler make and model.

We typically fit ‘A’ rated (SEDBUK’s highest rating for energy-efficiency) energy efficient condensing combi boilers with a 7 year parts and labour guarantee.

You can pick any combi boiler make and model you want for your boiler replacement or installation and we will provide a quotation for that new boiler cost in addition to warranty info.


Boiler Repair in Warrington

Our process for boiler repairs in Warrington gives our clients the best possible value for money when repairing a broken down boiler.

  • Cost-free fixed price quotations on all our heating and plumbing services.
  • No call out fees.
  • No hourly rates.

And most importantly of all, unlike other boiler repair companies, we do not charge you a cent until we locate the problem and let you know precisely how much it’ll cost to repair it. If you do not want us to go ahead with the repair, then we won’t.

Boiler Repairs – Gas Safe Registered

A qualified Gas Safe registered heating engineer will talk you through each option available, so you can choose the best solution for you.

We offer all our clients free, professional advice about their existing boiler as some old boilers aren’t worth repairing.

Sometimes a new boiler installation works out less expensive in the long term.


Boiler Servicing in Warrington

Our Boiler Servicing service has been designed and vetted by Gas Safe making sure that your boiler is serviced & maintained to the highest of standards at the lowest price around!

Maintaining a boiler is a crucial part of a productive heating system as it could increase the life of the product as well as prevent any problems surfacing. A boiler should be tested frequently and checked to verify all aspects of the appliance are in proper working order. This can stop any possible health hazards from arising and can provide your family with a safe and reliable boiler. Bear in mind, a well maintained boiler is a safe boiler.

Contact Approved Heating, Plumbing & Maintenance

Approved Heating, Plumbing & Maintenance offer a 24-hour emergency plumbing service which is unrivalled by any other gas engineer Warrington has to offfer. Available day and night, our specialist team will never turn down your calls or delay in turning up in any emergency situation. We understand that burst pipes and gas leaks can be very distressing and we’ll always endeavor to get to your home as quickly as possible to make things safe. Call now to book an engineer for a free quotation. Make us your first to call gas engineer in Warrington for all gas, plumbing and heating work.

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