Gas Hob Installation in Warrington

Need to replace your existing gas hob? Call 07753 141073, speak to our gas safe registered engineers and get a free quote for full-service gas hob installation in Warrington.

If you need a gas hob installation in Warrington you have come to the right place.
We will remove your existing gas hob, install your own supplied gas hob or we can supply and install one for you.
When buying a new gas hob please ensure it has a flame failure device fitted. All our gas engineers are Gas Safe Registered and also approved Which Trusted Traders.
See below for more information.

What our gas hob installation service includes:

1: Removal of your existing gas hob.
2: Gas soundness test to ensure there are no leaks on your gas supply before and after.
3: Careful installation of your new gas hob
4: Alterations to your gas pipe to fit to the new gas hob.
5: Installation of a new Isolation valve (legal requirement)
6: Commissioning and testing as to manufacturer’s requirements

 Your existing gas hob will be taken away free of charge!

Gas Hob Sizes

Gas hobs are normally based on standard sizes that enable them to fit into the space of 60cm. The actual cut-out for hobs varies slightly from one type to another. You can make a basic estimate of the size of the cut-out by measuring the outside dimensions of your current hob and deducting 15mm all round to allow for the lip overhang.

Many gas hobs have a cut-out size of 56cm w x 48cm deep apart from Neff and Bosch, which have 56cm by 49cm.

It is recommended that you check with the manufacturer’s instructions before ordering your hob.

If you have a finished work surface in granite or similar material you will need to be very accurate with the measurements, as a specialist will be needed if the existing hole needs to be enlarged to fit your new gas hob.

Flame Safety Devices for Gas Hobs in Warrington

(FSD)  Flame safety device is the term used for a device designed to stop the flow of gas going to the burner if the flame goes out. This prevents a dangerous build up of gas within the appliance or room.

On January 2008, the HSE that governs Gas Safe registered engineers created a new regulation which prohibits a new gas hob being installed into a multi-dwelling building, unless the gas hob has a Flame Failure Device.

You must have a hob with a flame failure device if you live in one of the following housing types in list A. If you live in a property in list B, you do not need a flame failure device fitted.

List A: You will need a gas hob with an FSD if you live in…

Flat, maisonette, apartment, a house divided into flats/bedsits, bedsit.

List B: You do NOT need an FSD  if you live in…

Terraced house, bungalow, semi-detached house, detached house.

If any of the above has been divided into flats or bedsits, then an FSD will be needed.

Our advice is to always buy a gas hob with an FSD fitted.

Flush Mount Gas Hobs

For the ultra modern kitchen look we are able to supply and install gas hobs in Warrington that offer a consistent flow from your work surface. Please note that these types of gas hobs are only compatible with natural stone or water resistant type work surfaces. Looking for a gas hob? Try ED UK Hobs for great prices and fantastic customer support.

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