Boiler Installation in Warrington

worcester approved gas engineer in warrington installing sedbuk A rated boiler installation in warringtonOur skills gained over the last 15 years providing boiler installation in Warrington gives us the the ability to recommend, supply and install a large range of heating systems to match your budget and needs. Our boiler installers are not bound to any boiler manufacturer. We use our knowledge of the business and the boiler makes and models available against the features of your house to get the best deal in the marketplace for the highest specifications of domestic gas boilers. We then use these savings to offer the best price on the market for a new boiler installation. This presents unbeatable value to our Consumers .

All Vaillant Boilers we Install Come with a 10 year manufacturers Warranty! Finance Options also available.


Heat Only Boilers Warrington

Heat Only Boilers Warrington

Heat only boilers are best known as ‘regular’ or ‘conventional’ boilers. If you are swapping an old boiler and have a small expansion tank and a bigger cold water storage cistern in your loft space, you probably have already got a heat only boiler.

Heat only boilers are often installed on an open vented system. The system will most likely comprise two tanks in the loft, a hot water storage cylinder in the airing cupboard and a separate pump.


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Boiler Pricing

Your boiler is at the heart of your home and is a complicated piece of machinery.

Consequently new boilers aren’t cheap and prices vary greatly based on the different brands, sizes and types available. Typically new boiler prices range from close to £500 all the way to £2,500, so it’s important to get all the facts before you decide to buy a replacement boiler. Contact our engineers today for a free survey and quotation.

Combi Boiler Installations Warrington

Combi boilers Warrington

Combi boilers (or combination) boilers are the UK’s most favored kind of boiler for gas heating and household hot water. They are simple to install, easy to use and efficient to run.

A combi boiler only heats water when a hot tap or shower is activated, guaranteeing highest efficiency. You don’t need to to find space for a water storage cylinder or have a tank in the crawl space. Hot water is transported to your taps at mains pressure, so you can enjoy a powerful shower without the need for a pump.

Energy efficiency

energy efficient boiler installation in warringtonNew high efficiency condensing combi boilers are extremely energy efficient and have a SEDBUK 2009 rating of over 88%. This means they convert more of the gas you pay for into useable heat, which means you save on on your fuel bills, compared to a standard efficiency boiler which is 10 years old. Using less fuel also means you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and your impact on the environment.


System Boiler Installations Warrington

System Boilers in Warrington

system boilers in warringtonIf you live in a home with more than one bathroom or need more hot water than can be furnished by a combi boiler, then a system boiler installation in Warrington could be your most suitable heating and warm water solution.

System boilers pump hot water to radiators and a sealed hot water storage cylinder. Most of the major components of the heating and hot water system, such as the pump and expansion vessel, are built in to the boiler, which makes installation a lot easier, tidier and more efficient, and even makes servicing the boiler simpler.

System boilers combine high efficiency and high performance with remarkable ‘green’ credentials. The reliability, versatility, convenience and ease of installation supplied by a system boiler also contribute to its appeal.


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